Frequently Answered Queries

Client FAQ's

Q1: What is Flickawat?
Answer : It's an Original Content Marketplace! A place to Film It, Post It, Profit!As a Content Creator: It's a place where you can offer any type of video for a one time access fee. As a Viewer, it's where you can find some of the best content
Q2: What is a Flickalog?
Answer : Your Flickalog is the place all of your videos are stored. You can access them at any time as often as you wish once you pay the initial fee.

Contributor FAQ's

Q1: How do we get paid?
Answer : A check gets sent to the address you provide at the time of registration. If you sell a lot of videos, you might want to receive a wire payment into your account. Email us to set it up.
Q2: How do I sell my videos?
Answer : Register as a Contributor, Upload them to the Site and tell your audience...Get the link out there.
Q3: How much can I earn?
Answer : There is no cap. The more videos your audience accesses, the more you earn. We are here to promote you the Talent, the creators. You provide the content, we'll help provide the audience.